We have extensive experience providing consultancy support to a wide range of social enterprises, community businesses, voluntary and community sector organisations and charities as well as Local Authorities and public bodies.

We offer a professional and empowering service tailored to your needs, working alongside you, whilst respecting your capacity. Whether engaging with key stakeholders, facilitating groups, writing reports or providing interim management we ensure our work is clear and easy to follow, providing you with the support to catalyst change.

Start Social

If you’re looking to start-up a new social enterprise or community business, we can support you to navigate through the tricky start-up phase. We can help test and refine your social ideas; demystify legal models and business incorporation; review relevant funding options; and work with you to explore the feasibility of your idea and develop a sustainable business model.

Scale & grow

If you’re looking to grow or scale your social enterprise or community business, we can help you to reach your potential. We offer a range of support to help identify the best growth path for your social business, including reviewing your organisation and development strategy; research and drafting of feasibility studies and business plans; devising social impact metrics and measurement; and working closely with you to enable your social enterprise to get contract and investment ready to make you more resilient for the future.


If you’re an existing charity that needs to diversify your income and explore establishing a social enterprise or community business, SEW is on hand to support you through the transition to a more sustainable future. We have extensive experience with idea generation; feasibility studies; business modelling and planning; funding and social investment strategies. We can work closely with you and your senior leadership and trustees to work-up a development and delivery plan to help create sustainable revenue while maximizing your social impact.

Public Sector

If you’re interested in running a public service or spinning out a statutory service, we can help support you to make the transition as a social enterprise. We have worked closely with local authorities to support a number of public services become social enterprises and take on community asset ownership. We can consult and support on the service feasibility, stakeholder engagement as well as business modelling and planning. We can help take you through the motions of incorporation and deciding which social enterprise model will be right for your team and your user base.

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